The Wellness Wheel

The Wellness Wheel is a diagram used to help individuals reach fulfillment in each important aspect in human life. There are eight categories that include physical, emotional, occupational, environmental, social, financial, spiritual, and intellectual wellness. In this post, we will explore what each one means so you can reflect on what each category means and needs for you.

Physical wellness talks about how well you can keep up your physical health. This is an important part of keeping not only your body healthy, but exercise also plays an important role in keeping your mental health at bay. This also includes getting routine check-ups at the doctor, dentist, eye-doctor, and any other places necessary to keep you healthy. It is important to recognize when our bodies need care and rest, just as much as our minds.

Emotional wellness is the ability to cope well and adapt to life's hard circumstances and challenges. To understand your own emotions and allow yourself to feel them and process them is a big part of having a healthy mindset. If you do not allow yourself to fully process your emotions, it can be difficult to move on in new situations without letting those emotions seep in other places.

Occupational wellness describes how we can feel personally fulfilled with our lives and the work we do to contribute to the community and society. This could mean your career in a helping field, or even volunteer or charity work that you do. Anything that makes you feel accomplished and purposeful in life can contribute well to occupational wellness. It is important to take this seriously especially when finding a career because working in a job that is subpar to your likenesses can contribute to faster rates of burnout.

Environmental wellness is all about us as humans realizing the contribution that we are making to pollution and our carbon footprint. We contribute waste and pollution in more than one area of the world making our future generations less likely to succeed and have the same resources we have currently. By recognizing this and doing what we can to conserve energy, waste, and other resources, we can provide a more stable future for our kids and theirs to come. Generational wellness is a part of keeping yourself and the future heirs of this planet healthy.

Social wellness is the connection that we need as social beings of the the earth. As humans, we need social connection to fulfill part of our wellness wheel. This helps us relate to other individuals and help us create healthy relationships with our family, friends, coworkers and other people in our lives.

Financial wellness is the ability to take care of ones financial goals and manage money is a way to help keep your relationship with money healthy. Understanding your financial situation is a way to make sure that you know how to take care of the money you have and learn how to budget for your specific lifestyle. This can also create financial stability and security within yourself.

Spiritual wellness allows us to open ourselves up to feeling fulfilled in our every day lives and to feel confident in who we are. Spirituality doesn't have to be about religion only, it is also about finding the values that you find important in the world and to your views on life.

The last part of the wheel is intellectual wellness which feeds the childlike curiosity inside you. Learning new things and keeping your mind active to achieve intellectual wellness can also help keep your mind healthy and ready for change and big life events. Being open minded is also another way to look at how intellectual wellness can spike new interest.