How to Feel Like Yourself Again

So much of our lives tends to be spent going through the motions and we may never realize that we have lost sight of the things we used to care so much about. Those things that may have put joy back into our lives even in the most difficult times of our lives. Life gets in the way of what we enjoy and we can end up leaving each day feeling like we have lost something. Maybe you truly did lose something: a loved one, a job, a friend, a relationship or connection, a sense of self. So what do we do when we don't feel like ourselves anymore? We start to do the things we love and we spend time with the people who bring out the best in us.

Think of something that brings you joy that also involves stimulating your brain. Are you an artsy person? Do you like to learn new things? Is nature something that brings you peace of mind and comfort? Once you have thought of something, do what you can to do that activity as much as you can. Even if it is something simple like doodling in notebooks or trying out a new recipe. The littlest things can be the best things that evoke joy out of us especially when we find ourselves 'in a funk.'

Think of someone that brings out the best in you. It could be a parent or sibling, it could also be a best friend or your partner. It could even be your dog, cat, rabbit, or any other animal you may have. Those animals do wonders for us when we are feeling low and sometimes being around people who care about you can allow you to feel grateful for how far you have come.

When going through the process of finding yourself and finding out what brings you joy, be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself because we all lose sight of ourselves sometimes. The important part is that you are trying your best to keep on track and even though it is hard, you are trying. Therapy is a great way of talking through the feelings and problems you may be going through. If you are looking for more information on what New Leaf does, please reach out to us by phone at (331) 725 -1190 or email us at