Filling A Void

Sometimes when we lose something or someone we can start to feel empty. Many times when this hopeless, drawn out sadness consumes us, we start to find ways to fill that emptiness with other things. Every once in a while we can find things that are healthy to fill up that void with like seeing our friends and family, but other times we may turn to things that aren’t healthy for us like alcohol, drugs, or other ways of coping.

There are times in our lives where we don’t feel much and instead of trying to push through the despair, we relent and find ourselves in relationships with toxic people and substances that bring us a small amount of peace within ourselves but only for a short amount of time. This blog post is about filling that void with healthy coping strategies and therapy.

Some of the most common ways people find outlets are called passive coping strategies. These are defined as strategies that help a person ignore the real problem. Many times, this creates another problem or makes the real issue worse than it was. These can include things like overeating, binge drinking, abusing other substances, and allowing yourself to become subject to toxic relationships.

The beset thing we can do for ourselves is to keep moving forward and to realize that things will get better with time. Even when we don't feel like doing anything, avoiding the unhealthy fillers can be a small step to achieve our larger goals for ourselves. Spending time with family or good friends is a great way to help feel less lonely. If you are feeling anxious, immersing yourself in nature or reading a good book can be helpful to calm yourself. You can also do other things like picking up a new hobby to fill up time if you find yourself ruminating.

Therapy is a great way of learning how to cope with extreme feelings of despair, anxiety, or other things like guilt and trauma. The therapist is there to help you reach your goals within a safe space and allow you to come to your own conclusions about your presenting issues. If you would like to get more information on what New Leaf does, please reach out to us by phone at (331)-725-1190 or email us at