Motivational Monday: Types of Motivation

When talking about motivation, many people don't realize that there are actually two different types. One is called intrinsic, while the other is called extrinsic. The difference between the two is based off of how the end goal will benefit a person. It is important to know this difference because with this information, you can learn to rethink your motivation for different things.

Extrinsic motivation is when something motivates you for an external need or desire like approval or money. Because extrinsic motivation can be material or non, it can also negatively impact self esteem and personal worth. An example of someone being extrinsically motivated is when you are applying for a job because of the money or because you want people to approve of you for your high end job. If you find yourself doing things for an external desire, you can harm your sense of purpose because your desires are driven by other's approval and not your own.

Intrinsic motivation is when motivation comes from an internal source. For example, someone wants to apply for a job that doesn't make a lot of money, but they love the work they are doing or it is for a cause they are passionate about. Intrinsically motivating yourself can help in creating a high sense of self worth and self esteem. This is because you are motivated to do something purely because you want to and not because of someone's approval or a material.

You can help motivate yourself to do different things depending on how you approach something. For example, someone who wants to better themselves physically and mentally could partake in working out, eating healthier, and emotional exercises. On the other hand, the same person could be motivated by an outside source, such as friends who are more physically fit than they are. Their goal doesn't strive from something they personally want, it is because they want to fit in or they want approval.