Therapy Thursday: Back to School Anxiety

For students and parents, this back to school is going to be like any other. Everyone has so many questions about how administrators are going to do their jobs to keep everyone safe, how elementary school students are going to be able to social distance properly, and how big of an impact this pandemic is going to make on us in the future. Will we ever get back to normal? Unfortunately, no one has an answer to that; however, there are a few ways you can calm your child's back to school anxiety for this fall.

One great way to ease anxiety in children about going back to school is to familiarize them with any protective gear they may be required to wear, such as a mask or gloves. You should also try to encourage them to connect with other children in other ways like over FaceTime and other monitored platforms. Teach your children about how to stop the spread of germs by washing their hands and keeping their hands to themselves. Simple things like these can go a long way, and in the mean time they are practicing some good habits.

If your child is nervous about wearing masks, let them know that their schools are doing what they can to provide a safe environment for everyone. The reason we need to wear masks is because of more vulnerable members of our communities, we wear masks to keep others safe, too. You should also let them know that there is a chance that schools could close down again in order to prepare them ahead of time for another adjustment. Make sure they are aware that feeling overwhelmed and changing emotions is okay. Do this by checking in with your child periodically to see how they are coping with going back.

If you or your child is struggling with feeling anxious about going back to school, reach out to our counselors at New Leaf. If you would like more information on how to cope with back to school anxiety, call us at (331) 725-1190 or email us at