Thoughtful Tuesday: Living in the Moment

Just like every New Years Eve, in 2019 everyone wished and hoped to have an amazing next year in 2020. Not that there haven't been some incredible revelations this year, but it definitely has NOT gone as we all had planned. A pandemic, multiple global movements, and an insane start to an election year all encompass 2020. The best part is that it is not over yet. So how can we learn to live with all of this uncertainty and still be mindful of the fragility of life?

It's difficult to look past the drama and uncertainty in life. We must learn to appreciate the good things, but how can we when so much of our world is clouded? For starters, we can enjoy the little things like the beautiful weather, family bonding, and the joy of finding a new hobby. Appreciating life as it is can be a struggle for everyone especially when things aren't the way you wanted or planned. Enjoying overlooked things can result in an uplifted mood and a better outlook on the world.

All of us want to document our time in far off places and especially when we are around our friends, so take pictures, but don't forget to look past the lens. We have been spoiled with technology updates and advancements because of the pandemic and I fear that it could be our social downfall. Live in the moment and remember the great times you have, the pictures you take will be great reminders.

Don't forget to reach out to those people you think about. Even if you haven't seen them in weeks, months, or years, a quick shout out to see how someone is doing could not only help you, but your inclination to reach out could be a positive moment in their day. Appreciate people who have come into your life and made a difference, especially those who you have learned something from. You never know where the universe is hiding a lesson for all of us to embrace.