Feel Good Friday: Being the Best Version of Yourself

What does it mean to be the best version of yourself? What does it mean to really encompass the entirety of who you are and what your purpose is? It can be difficult to have this realization on the brain; but, if you are looking for a place to start, here are three ways to help.

One way to start your journey to being a better you is to practice gratitude. You can do this in many different ways such as using a gratitude journal to write down things you are grateful for in your life. Many people use this as a part of their morning routine because it helps start the day on a positive thought. You can also practice gratitude by letting yourself be in the moment and appreciate things more often. Immerse yourself in nature and be mindful of your actions and thoughts.

Another way you can help yourself reach the better you is to learn something new everyday. Many of our days can become mundane and anticlimactic, by learning something new each day you can not only improve your mood, but you are also exercising the mind. Learning is one of the best activities to keep your brain in tip top shape. Improving your education daily can also help you to reach your purpose and open more experiences.

The last habit to help you not only reach a better version of yourself but will also help you have a better life. Learn to prioritize your daily tasks. Many of us struggle with time management and it can lead to frustration and anxiety piling up in our lives. If you have an overloaded work schedule and have many important things to do, create a priority list of the top 3-5 things to get done that day. That way urgent matters are done first and everything else can follow.

Finding ways to better ourselves can be hard when we feel like we have already done so many things in our lives. Appreciating your accomplishments and future ambitions is a great way to practice gratitude. Taking time to be mindful and to learn new things each day are beneficial practices at any stage in life.