Therapy Thursday: Animal Therapy

Many of us have our furry, or non furry, friends that we love and call our pets. They are there for us through their whole lives and love us through everything. We are all aware of the brilliant service animals that can detect the slightest changes in our physiology, but are we also aware of the benefits to having animal therapy?

There are many benefits to using animals during therapy and having animal therapy sessions. One of the benefits of therapy is for those who are dealing with chronic illnesses and diseases such as cancer or heart disease. Animal therapy is used with these individuals because pet therapy has been shown to help them cope. Not only this, but pet therapy has also shown to improve health over time.

The best part about animal therapy is that it doesn't only have to be limited to someone waiting for a procedure or who has a disease. Family members of those individuals are allowed to sit in on pet therapy sessions and many times admit that they feel better themselves.

For those of us with mental illnesses, sometimes the comfort of an animal by your side is the calm reality you need. Pet therapy has shown to improve a person's mood even after 15 minutes. On top of this, those of us who struggle with anxiety and depression can benefit greatly from animal therapy as well.

Students at some universities also have an option to see therapy animals once a semester. When it gets closer to finals, the library or unions on campus could be filled with cats and dogs who are available to help individuals cope with the stress that comes with the end of the semester.

Overall, animals can be best friends and the best healers. No matter who you are, animals have the ability to help you cope with any struggle.