Motivational Monday: How Self Worth, Time Management, and Motivation Relate

When we have no motivation to do anything, sometimes it can be hard to find your own self worth. Many of us struggle with our self worth and it can be challenging to accept that you are doing your best when you have no motivation. First thing's first, it's okay to not be motivated 100% of the time.

As humans, there is no way all of us could be motivated at every hour of the day, every day and that is okay. So how do you overcome the self doubt? When we have no motivation, it can be difficult to do anything at all. This is why small accomplishments can be a big help.

I'm guilty of making a list of things to do for myself and only doing a few of the things on the list. This situation can lead to feelings of frustration when certain activities are time sensitive; even then, I still have no motivation to do them. Personally, when this happens, I try to use a tactic called chunking. Looking at a demanding, time consuming task can be difficult to tackle all at once, but when you can do a little at a time, it feels better than doing nothing. For example, if you have to file a large stack of paperwork, split up the paperwork into chunks and do one chunk at a time. You can even split it up into days or weeks if time allows.

Prioritizing your to do list is helpful when you have many things to do and time is not on your side. This is a huge reason why time management is so important. Not all of us have the luxury of time. Coming from someone who works everyday of the week between three jobs, time is a touchy subject. Nevertheless, I still make sure to get the things done that I know are important to me, even if other things I want to do don't get done.

Practice time management by using a planner or setting reminders for yourself to do specific tasks. If you know approximately how long something will take, you can block out time during your day to get it done. This works even when you want to set time aside for yourself to relax.

The key takeaways from this post are to remind yourself that it is okay to not have motivation everyday. On top of this, prioritizing and managing your time wisely can help when you are lacking motivation. Work hard to be a better person everyday and tell yourself that you are doing the best you can when you feel worthless, because you are worthy of all things.

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