Workout Wednesday: Emotional Exercise

Given what is going on, many of us are finding ourselves to be overwhelmed with emotions and questions that seem to never have an answer. Because of this, we can feel scared and restless wondering when all of this will be over. This is why I will be talking about emotional exercises for self awareness.

As mentioned before, your body is important to take care of physically. On top of this (pun intended) your emotions are also important to learn how to regulate and accept. Emotional exercises can aid in learning more about yourself and how you cope with different feelings.

If you find yourself overwhelmed in any emotion, find it within yourself to reflect on how you are feeling in that moment. By doing this, you are not only allowing yourself to feel how you actually feel, but you can channel your emotions to find out what triggers it. You can also do this by keeping a journal each time you feel extreme emotions whether it be anger, sadness, grief, or joy.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the positive side of things and it can be very easy to see the negative. This phenomenon is called negativity bias and because we are human we are practically hardwired to be this way. Reframing the situation you are placed in is a great way to think of all sides of the issue. Many of us take our unsuccessful attempts for anything out on ourselves. Next time you find yourself doing this, try to reframe and think of the positives on why you didn't get that job or that offer on a house.

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Stay Safe and Stay Home!