Motivational Monday: Keeping Yourself Busy

In times like these, it can surely be hard to keep yourself busy. Since the stay at home order, we've cleaned the house, we've tried to be healthy and more fit, and we've bought board games that turned into bored games. If you're having trouble keeping yourself busy and are finding yourself restless, anxious, or depressed try these few activities to help.

There's an app called Libby, and tons of others, that have an entire library of works inside. All you have to have to access it is a library card number. You can read books or listen to audio books for up to two weeks, and can even renew your books for extra time. OverDrive is another great app that adds not only more great books and audio books, but you can stream television shows and movies as well.

If you are finding yourself anxious or restless, try coming up with a routine that calms you. For example, every morning could start with meditation, a good book, or sitting outside with a cup of your favorite coffee. Simple things that make you happy can go a long way in times of distress. Make sure you are making time for yourself! Self care is always important.

If you have a curious mind, try learning something new like a language or listen to a podcast on a variety of different topics. Apps like Duolingo or Babbel are free on the app store. Spending an hour every day learning a new language can be a great workout for your mind, a great addition to your resume, and you can even use these apps with your kids, too! Spotify and Stitcher are great apps to use for podcasts because they have such a great selection.

If your feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, or restlessness are heightened because of COVID-19, please reach out to our staff here at New Leaf. We accept most insurances for telehealth sessions; in addition, some plan's copays may be waived because of the stay at home order. If you'd like more information, please call us at (331)-725-1190 or email us at

Stay Safe and Stay Home!