Workout Wednesday: Exercise without Exercising

As funny as it may seem, there are plenty of ways to exercise without physically exerting so much energy to the point of being sore for multiple days. The best part about exercise is that any form of it is beneficial. Exercise is a great addition to your daily routine that has so many benefits. There are many small ways to get your heart rate up and to burn a couple extra hundred calories a day.

Small adjustments to your lifestyle like parking farther away from the door to the grocery store or mall can help you burn more calories than trying to find the closest spot to the door. On top of this, with the weather becoming increasingly warmer, taking daily walks can not only aid in burning calories, but it can help decrease your risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

For those of our readers who have kids, you know you love when they get their energy out. Next time your kids are goofing around, try to get in on the fun, it's a great way to bond and its beneficial for you physically, too! Playing outside or playing an active video game that requires you to stand up, move, or dance is fun for everyone!

Fun fact: did you know that by fidgeting you can burn up to 350 calories a day? Tapping your leg or your hand to the beat of a song can easily add up. Cleaning the house, the car, or the garage can also be great exercise for people of any age.

While the weather is nice, get some fresh air!

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Stay Safe and Stay Home!