Motivational Monday: Staying Positive

Many people have been affected by the current world situation. These people have lost jobs, the ability to walk at their graduations, and some have lost loved ones. Despite the trauma and the longing for social interaction, it is important for everyone to stay positive. Whether it be working out, cooking new food, spending more time with those you live with, or taking time to do things you wouldn't otherwise have time for.

Staying positive can positively affect your mental health and other parts of your physical health as well. Learning how to transition your negative thoughts into positive ones is a great way of coping with stress and anxiety. Re-framing is a great technique for seeing the positive in different situations. Examples of this everyone knows are the cliches, "If one door closes, another opens," or "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

So many times in difficult situations we want to solely focus on the negative so much that we forget there are other options. I challenge you to try this technique to help you stay positive. Many things are unknown in our lives and that will continue to bring people, as a whole, anxiety. If you are having a hard time staying positive, try re-framing your situation or physically reminding yourself of positive things.

If you're looking for a fun craft and a good way to stay positive try creating a positivity jar. Find any kind of container to make your designated positivity jar. Write down something positive that happened to you everyday and place the paper inside the container. Even reminding yourself of small things like getting to eat your favorite meal or if someone did something nice for you, you can look back and reflect on the positive things that have happened.

You can also create a worry jar and do the same thing. Write down any worry or thought you have that you cannot change and put it in that jar. Let life take it's course. Do something about the things you can change and learn to live with the things you cannot.

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Stay Safe and Stay Home!