Thoughtful Tuesday: Starting Counseling

Longer than I have been studying psychology and its subcategories there has always been a stigma against those who see a counselor. I find this interesting because everyone, including therapists, firefighters, police officers, and business people go through the emotional roller coaster that life is. Even if you aren't going through a life altering event, having someone who is trained to help you analyze and get through issues can be very eye opening.

You don't have to be in a crisis to start counseling. You don't have to be mourning the death of a loved one to see a counselor. Everyday struggles including the loss of a job, transitioning to college, transitioning from college to adult living, or simply wanting a listening ear are grounds for seeing a counselor.

There are many ways everyone can benefit from seeing a counselor. One of them is that counselors will hold you accountable for any goal you want to reach. Sometimes having someone push you to set goals or boundaries can help you get over mental roadblocks that might otherwise lead you to give up.

Another benefit of seeing a counselor is that they can help you find your purpose. Anyone who is in a transition period in their lives could be finding life hard if they feel they have lost their purpose. The biggest mistake people make is thinking they must do everything alone. Life is scary and there are many challenges every person will come across, but seeing a counselor can help because of the extra support they will encourage you with.

Reaching out to talk with a counselor does not have to be scary. For more information, reach out to us through email at or call us at (331)-725-1190 for more information on setting up a telehealth session.

Stay Safe and Stay Home!