Thoughtful Tuesday: Meditation

A friend of mine was exposed to the idea of meditation through yoga classes. A few months went by and she read a book by Jenna Dewan, called Gracefully You in which she learned about Jenna's meditation practices using oracle cards.

With more time on her hands to do new things, she figured she would make staying at home more positive. Her first time using the cards was more difficult than she anticipated. She realized that she needed to be more open to digging deeper into herself. After only two days of doing meditation and using the oracle cards, she felt a new piece of herself forming-something she wanted to gain from experiencing meditation.

Her first card read: Trust the Niggle which, as she explained, meant, "a deep feeling that is trying to get you to do something," in other words, an inner nagging. She told me it was an inquiry card and that you were supposed to answer the question you have been consciously thinking about. She told me these cards could mean anything and they are open to interpretation.

From the past two days meditating, she learned that when you are out in the world people feel constantly judged and when you meditate you are solely with yourself and your spirit. This is something she said felt empowering.

Finding a place to meditate is a great place to start if you are interested in this practice. You can do this anywhere you feel your best. For example: outside in nature, in your house, by a fireplace, or near a lit candle.

Let us know if you meditate currently or would like to try it out!