Motivational Monday: 'Spring Cleaning'

March 19th was the first day of spring this year and I for one have been cleaning more than I wanted to for the past two weeks. I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures. And by desperate, I mean, being so bored the only thing left to do is clean.

Some people find cleaning therapeutic and others have a hard time starting. Hopefully, this article can give you some motivation to either clean, or do something else that can be laundry.

The easiest way I can get things done is to first make a list of everything you want to do. After you finished your list, prioritize! Once you have done that, take things one step at a time. If you want to clean your entire room, first clean your nightstand or a dresser, then move to your closet, another dresser, or your bed. Completing small tasks at a time will help you finish a larger task in no time.

My challenge for you today is to find something you have wanted to start doing and DO IT!

What are you going to do to be productive today?