Therapy Thursday: Find a Hobby

Many people are working from home because of our current situation. Because of this, boredom is creeping its way into our lives, for some faster than others. With boredom comes restlessness, and with that comes anxiety.

One of Sigmund Freud's coping mechanisms for anxiety is called sublimation. This type of coping refers to putting your frustrations and negativity into something useful. For example, someone who is angry may take up a rigorous sport such as boxing or wrestling. The weightlifting and expending of energy can help alleviate some of the anger.

Though there are many positive forms of sublimation, there are negatives as well. If you are feeling restless or anxious, or even angry, I challenge you to find a hobby that helps you find some piece of mind.

A couple of my hobbies include painting, drawing, and taking walks. If you find yourself interested in those types of things, there are thousands of videos and tutorials for painting and drawing on YouTube. If you are interested in the outdoors, take a walk in a forest preserve you haven't been to or learn how to garden in your own backyard.

If you have kids, take a virtual tour of the National Aquarium or the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. You can even see live footage of animals at select Zoos across the country including the Cincinnati or San Diego Zoos.

Here are a couple links to those websites:

-Forest Preserves:


-National Aquarium:

-Cincinnati Zoo:

-San Diego Zoo: