Workout Wednesday: The Exercise Effect

As you sit in your house, fearful of the world around you, maybe today would be a good day for some fresh air. After all, the weather is finally finding spring!

Did you know that thirty minutes of cardio a day has a ton of benefits? Benefits like helping with hearth health, reducing stress, giving you a new wave of energy, and increasing productivity. Since many of us, including myself, are working from home now, (and working on keeping our expenses to a minimum) taking a walk around the block and enjoying the weather can improve your focus and increase your motivation.

Not only this, studies have shown that exercise can help battle anxiety and depression. Four groups including an antidepressant only group, a combined antidepressant and therapy group, a placebo group, and finally an exercise/cardio group faced anxiety and depression. The results of the studies show that after four months, out of four groups, the group that exercised for thirty to forty minutes a day were just as likely, if not more likely to recover, in comparison to the antidepressant group.

If you would like to read the full study on the American Psychological Association website, here it is!