Motivational Monday: Value Your Time

“Understanding the value of time is understanding the true essence of life” -Sunday Adelaja If you’ve ever seen “Rent” you know that we have 525,600 minutes in a year. That’s a fairly large number! Now if you're familiar with the song "Seasons of Love" this might sound a little cliche but ask yourself this 'How do I spend each moment in a year?' A lot of us might take it for granted, but time is one of the only things we never get back. Every moment, hour, minute, second that we have is unique because we only get to experience them once. (Even the time you are spending reading this blog cannot be replaced.) Looking at time from this perspective, ask yourself again “How am I spending my time?”. If you are not truly satisfied with your answer, we encourage you to spend some more time doing the things you enjoy. Invest in yourself, learn something new, spend time with people you love, etc. One of the best things about time is that you can decide how you want to plan it and live. Every second might not be amazing, but you still have the power to seek autonomy and create some amazing moments. This is done by valuing your time and remembering how important it actually is. This Monday, we encourage you to start thinking about how you want to spend your time and work on incorporating more moments of joy within your life. As always, if you are struggling with these issues, please reach out to someone here at New Leaf!