Motivational Monday: Positive Thinking

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. ” It’s Monday Again! Some of you might have instantly had some negative thoughts after reading that statement. It is understandable. A lot of us have to go back to work today after a relaxing (or exciting) weekend. This can often give people the blues on Mondays. What would happen, however, if I asked you to take a moment to look at Mondays from a different perspective? 

Mondays can give us:  

1.A fresh start to our week. 2. A chance to create new goals. 3. Time to set the tone for the things we want to accomplish. 4. An opportunity to regulate our thoughts and emotions about the week. 

When you start your week with positive thoughts you are more likely to get things done and enjoy the rest of your week. Instead of having the Monday blues, we challenge you to spend some time getting motivated and excited about all the things you want to do and accomplish. This is done by having a positive mindset. If you like the results, try doing this every Monday from now on and taking some time to celebrate all the amazing things you do within a week. Monday is the perfect opportunity for you to remember how amazing you truly are! Your positive thoughts will bring this into fruition! Happy Monday!