Workout Wednesday: Tracking your steps

If you had to guess, how many steps do you think that you take in a day? Many people do not get "enough" steps. Ever since I learned that it is recommended for us to get 10,000 steps each day, I have been more conscious of taking more throughout the day. Having an office job sure makes it difficult to get 10,000 per day, but getting up when I get something off the printer and just taking multiple short walks throughout the day makes a difference.

Getting up and moving throughout the day has so many health benefits. Setting a goal of how many steps you'd like to get each day can encourage and push you to reach the goal.

I suggest getting a device that can track your daily steps so that you can set an appropriate goal for yourself. Other helpful tips would be to get a walking buddy, setting aside time each day for a walk or doing a walk at home video.

Challenge yourself to pay attention to the amount of steps you take in a day and to set a realistic goal for yourself.

Happy walking!