Therapy Thursday: What is holding you back?

Have you ever considered starting therapy but keep putting it off or are just not sure where to start? How will you know if therapy is even right for you? What if you arrive at your first session and you don't know what to talk about? What if you don't like your therapist or feel like they don't like you? Will it be a waste of time or money?

If you know someone who has been in therapy before or even works in that setting for their job - if they are open about their experiences and are comfortable sharing - ask them your questions! You might hear some weird or bad experience - but you will also hear from very uplifting and empowering responses. There are a number of different types of therapy and some work for others, but not for everyone.

Going to a new place, where there with likely be a stranger waiting to meet you and talk with you about yourself and your life - this can be a very uncomfortable situation. Just remember that taking the step to start individual therapy, group support groups, couples counseling, etc. could be the step that you need in order to start feeling better! The professionals you will encounter went through years of school and internships in order to become licensed mental health workers - but the most important part about them as individuals when it comes to their profession is the way they care for the well-being of others and their passion to make a difference in your life! Going to someone that does not know you gives you the empowering feeling of telling YOUR story the way it happened to YOU.

If you have a desire to start therapy - go for it!

Sometimes it takes a few times to find the therapist that you feel is a great fit for you. But you will never find them if you don't sign up and take the first step!