Trigger Tuesday: Names

Is there a name that every time you hear it, it makes you cringe? Or maybe it brings you back to an emotional time, a missed love one or a traumatic experience.

Unfortunately name triggers are one that is hard to avoid. Many people in the world share the same name, and it can be difficult to get our past experiences and feelings to go away once we hear a certain name..

What can we do to work through this thought process?

In order to get more comfortable with hearing that specific name - challenge yourself to think of someone else with the same thing that you have a good relationship with or that you can think happy thoughts about. If you don't know anyone with that name - try to find a celebrity, famous person or character that brings you joy that you can think of before you get "triggered." It still okay to think about the past and recall information, because that is natural for us. However, try and allow yourself to then think about something else so that you can continue healing.