GROG: Moving On After Loss

After one experiences a loss and they are told to "move on," it seems hurtful and anything but helpful in the healing process. We want to believe that the people telling us that just want what is best for us and for us to be happy, right?

I hope that is the case for all of you, but in *some* cases - our pain and suffering makes people feel uncomfortable so they want it to end. It is not your job to ease their discomfort. It is your job to focus on how you feel and what can be done to make this easier on YOU.

It can also be difficult to do anything that might feel like you are "moving on" from the relationship you shared with your loved one, for fear that you are betraying them or that you will lose the memories you have of your loved one. But try to remember that they would want you to do something that brings you joy! So challenged yourself to get out of the house and enjoy your day or even just a few hours of the day. You will still always have the memories of your loved one, and if you feel that you will forget - get a journal and write them down. And remember, just because you are doing something for yourself and trying to take a break from greiving - this does NOT mean that your grief is healed. Grief is a long, complicated process and everyone grieves differently.