Trigger Tuesday: What is a trigger?

A trigger is something - that using any of the five senses - can set off a memory and brings you back to a time of trauma.

Everyone experiences triggers differently. Whether it happens knowingly or unexpectedly, it is not always something that you can prepare for. The melody of a song or the scent of a cologne can take you back to a time where you suffered immense pain. If a loved one mentions that something is a trigger for them - refrain from doing it around them for sake of their mental health.

When you are hit with a painful trigger, it can make you feel like you have taken a step back in the healing process - but that is not true. You are still here, you are still living and the pain you went through is now a memory that you can learn to work through and escape from. Don't be afraid to face your triggers and fears. If you need help doing so, please reach out to us at 331-725-1190 to seek therapy.