How are you? What exactly am I feeling in the grief process?

Often times when we are grieving, people will ask us "How are you?" and we feel like we need to say "good", "fine" or "okay."

It can be hard for us to label our emotions when we are struggling with grief. Some examples of what we might feel when we grieve are: sadness, yearning, depressed mood, mood changes, panic and anxiety, helplessness, loss on control, fear of death, shock, denial, numbness, guilt, shame, remorse, anger or loneliness. Feeling any and all of these are completely normal, so be easy on yourself.

How do we manage our emotions during hard times like this?

1. Label your emotion(s).

2. Write about how you are feeling or talk to someone you trust about it.

3. Give yourself permission to grieve and to feel and find ways express your emotions fully. Let yourself cry it out or scream into a pillow.

4. Be patient with yourself, as grief has no timeline.

5. Reach out when you need to. You are not alone.

How is your grief making you feel? What can you do to help yourself through it?

Our Grief Support Group will still be meeting the first Thursday of every month at 7pm at 311 Depot St. Suite F Antioch, IL 60002 for those 21 and up