own private practice, my own business. And I'm gonna "WUPHF" it!

What an exciting summer! Without further adieu, my very own private practice has been born in quaint little downtown Antioch, Illinois. This is a bucket list item people!

I am so excited to do so many things in the counseling world, start up some new groups, new ways of helping people, writing. Hearing people's stories. Delving into topics that I think are underrepresented in the social work field; teaching social skills, weaning from technology, women's groups and infertility support.

Get ready for a lot of scholarly citing too, I am all about Evidence Based Practice, reading up on new techniques, absorbing the science behind helping people, making sure each client is helped as efficiently as possible.

And in order to get the word out, I am unoffically using the "WUPHF" from The Office.

You know, the intern Ryan's innovative way to communicate. The latest news can be uploaded onto WUPHF and then it is broadcasted accross all socail media and communication platforms (phone, email, text, page, FB, tweet, snapchat, etc.).

Although I have spent many years somehow immersed (voluntarily and involuntarily) somehow in the IT field, these days I am confuddled (seems appropriate to use a descriptive word from the urban dictionary here) by all the methods of communication. Apparently I am not as hip (now is that too old fashioned of a word?) as I thought I was.

So I look to my almost-tween daughter to assist me in these things. Insert *eyeroll* and obligatory "ugh, mooooommmmm!!!"

Have patience with me, and help me as I try to get the word out on my new practice, New Leaf Counseling!

- Friend me

- Follow me

- Hashtag me

- Call me

- Text me

- Check out my youtube channel

- Tweet me

- Send me a postcard

- Ping my IP address

- Knock on my door

- Facetime me

- Skype me

- Write me a strongly worded letter

- Instagram me

- iSeries SNDMSG <me> (old school

- NET SEND <me> (old school)

- TSO/E OPERATOR SEND <me> (even older school)

- Fax me

- Follow me on Snapchat