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Therapy Thursday: Back to School Anxiety

For students and parents, this back to school is going to be like any other. Everyone has so many questions about how administrators are going to do their jobs to keep everyone safe, how elementary school students are going to be able to social distance properly, and how big of an impact this pandemic is going to make on us in the future. Will we ever get back to normal? Unfortunately, no one has an answer to that; however, there are a few ways you can calm your child's back to school anxiety for this fall. One great way to ease anxiety in children about going back to school is to familiarize them with any protective gear they may be required to wear, such as a mask or gloves. You should als

Thoughtful Tuesday: Living in the Moment

Just like every New Years Eve, in 2019 everyone wished and hoped to have an amazing next year in 2020. Not that there haven't been some incredible revelations this year, but it definitely has NOT gone as we all had planned. A pandemic, multiple global movements, and an insane start to an election year all encompass 2020. The best part is that it is not over yet. So how can we learn to live with all of this uncertainty and still be mindful of the fragility of life? It's difficult to look past the drama and uncertainty in life. We must learn to appreciate the good things, but how can we when so much of our world is clouded? For starters, we can enjoy the little things like the beautiful weathe

Motivational Monday: Dealing With Depression

Someone dealing with depression may seem okay on the surface, but internally they can feel empty, broken, and unloved. Adding these feelings on top of trying to become motivated is like telling a rock to dance. Don't we all wish it could be that easy to just snap our fingers and have all of the motivation in the world? Unfortunately, even for those of us who don't struggle with depression or other mental health issues, finding motivation is difficult. Here are a couple tips to find motivation if you are struggling. For many people who suffer from depression, getting ready to face the day is one of the hardest things to do. That is why tip number one is to 'fake it until you make it.' As chee

Feel Good Friday: Being the Best Version of Yourself

What does it mean to be the best version of yourself? What does it mean to really encompass the entirety of who you are and what your purpose is? It can be difficult to have this realization on the brain; but, if you are looking for a place to start, here are three ways to help. One way to start your journey to being a better you is to practice gratitude. You can do this in many different ways such as using a gratitude journal to write down things you are grateful for in your life. Many people use this as a part of their morning routine because it helps start the day on a positive thought. You can also practice gratitude by letting yourself be in the moment and appreciate things more often.

Therapy Thursday: Animal Therapy

Many of us have our furry, or non furry, friends that we love and call our pets. They are there for us through their whole lives and love us through everything. We are all aware of the brilliant service animals that can detect the slightest changes in our physiology, but are we also aware of the benefits to having animal therapy? There are many benefits to using animals during therapy and having animal therapy sessions. One of the benefits of therapy is for those who are dealing with chronic illnesses and diseases such as cancer or heart disease. Animal therapy is used with these individuals because pet therapy has been shown to help them cope. Not only this, but pet therapy has also shown t

Thoughtful Tuesday: Styles of Clinical Therapy

When looking, it is important to know what you want in a therapist. How comfortable do you feel in group settings? Does the gender of the therapist matter to your needs? Do you prefer someone who specializes in anxiety and depression or eating disorders and chronic illnesses? The approach that the therapist takes is also important to understand. There are infinite ways to approach therapy and there are many theorists that go with each approach. To make things simple, this blog post will summarize a few different types of therapy as well as a few approaches. There are two main types of therapy, individual and group. Individual therapy focuses solely on the individual and their needs. Group th

Motivational Monday: How Self Worth, Time Management, and Motivation Relate

When we have no motivation to do anything, sometimes it can be hard to find your own self worth. Many of us struggle with our self worth and it can be challenging to accept that you are doing your best when you have no motivation. First thing's first, it's okay to not be motivated 100% of the time. As humans, there is no way all of us could be motivated at every hour of the day, every day and that is okay. So how do you overcome the self doubt? When we have no motivation, it can be difficult to do anything at all. This is why small accomplishments can be a big help. I'm guilty of making a list of things to do for myself and only doing a few of the things on the list. This situation can lead

Thoughtful Tuesday: Defense Mechanisms

Defense mechanisms are a part of psychoanalytic theory that subconsciously reduce our anxiety and other worries. In other words, our friend Sigmund Freud hypothesized that our minds use different mechanisms to reduce the feeling of uncertainty in different situations. Though it seems helpful, some defense mechanisms can be harmful to you or others around you. Being mindful of the inner workings of your brain can be difficult especially when you don't know where to start. Identifying triggers, or things that set off feelings of anxiety, depression or other things, can be a helpful step in the direction of recovery. There are many defense mechanisms that people use without even noticing. For e

Motivational Monday: Staying Motivated Through Tough Times

Sometimes, we as human beings find ourselves feeling emotionally overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted. This can be difficult when there are things we still must do. On days when all we feel like doing is resting, but there are things piled up on your to do list, try these few things to help keep yourself motivated. Take a social media break! Social media is an amazing facet of our technologically savvy lives living in the 21st Century. Despite this, posts can still cause anxiety for some people depending on the topic. For many, the news is a great source of information for the public, but to some, maybe even yourself, it can be nerve wrecking, heartbreaking, and draining. Take a break from so



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