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Motivational Monday: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

In terms of the pandemic, we have all had our first taste of normalcy. Individuals are getting back to their offices and many are taking their chances going out into restaurants and shopping centers. How do you feel when you reach these places? Are you still wary of people around you and conscious about keeping your distance? Or are you ready for this 'nonsense' to be over? I think many of us want to go back to normal, but when will that happen? And if it does, what are the next steps? Rumors of vaccines being in full send by the end of the year are roaming around and so many of us wonder if we will ever be able to walk around without a small pang of fear that we may become exposed. The trut

Motivational Monday: Summer Blues

With summer fast approaching, the stay at home order has taken a toll on our usual festivities. Graduation and birthday parties have turned into drive by parades and weddings have been put on hold. Postponing some of the most important days of our lives is tiring emotionally and mentally. Don't let social distancing get you down! It is important to exercise your sociability when you can; however, many people are finding themselves lonely because of the current situation that we are in. With more stores and restaurants doing their best to open their doors to customers, it is important to keep yourselves and your families safe. Despite this, there are ways to have fun while being safely distan



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