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Thoughtful Tuesday: Meditation

A friend of mine was exposed to the idea of meditation through yoga classes. A few months went by and she read a book by Jenna Dewan, called Gracefully You in which she learned about Jenna's meditation practices using oracle cards. With more time on her hands to do new things, she figured she would make staying at home more positive. Her first time using the cards was more difficult than she anticipated. She realized that she needed to be more open to digging deeper into herself. After only two days of doing meditation and using the oracle cards, she felt a new piece of herself forming-something she wanted to gain from experiencing meditation. Her first card read: Trust the Niggle which, as

Motivational Monday: 'Spring Cleaning'

March 19th was the first day of spring this year and I for one have been cleaning more than I wanted to for the past two weeks. I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures. And by desperate, I mean, being so bored the only thing left to do is clean. Some people find cleaning therapeutic and others have a hard time starting. Hopefully, this article can give you some motivation to either clean, or do something else that can be laundry. The easiest way I can get things done is to first make a list of everything you want to do. After you finished your list, prioritize! Once you have done that, take things one step at a time. If you want to clean your entire room, first

Fresh Friday: Parmesan Garlic Shrimp with Angel Hair Pasta

I found an easy recipe online to try out and my family and I loved it! Coming from someone who bakes more than they cook, this was definitely a beginner recipe. This recipe was light, creamy, and took only 30 minutes to make and the best part is that it consists of ingredients that are commonly on hand. With many of us finding more time throughout the day, planning ahead with meals can help you create a more diverse palate. Challenging yourself to cooking something new can not only be fun, but can also teach you about what you are putting into your body. Nutrition can be a daunting thing to think about, but it can also be fun! Many recipes, like this one, can be improved. For example, you ca

Therapy Thursday: Find a Hobby

Many people are working from home because of our current situation. Because of this, boredom is creeping its way into our lives, for some faster than others. With boredom comes restlessness, and with that comes anxiety. One of Sigmund Freud's coping mechanisms for anxiety is called sublimation. This type of coping refers to putting your frustrations and negativity into something useful. For example, someone who is angry may take up a rigorous sport such as boxing or wrestling. The weightlifting and expending of energy can help alleviate some of the anger. Though there are many positive forms of sublimation, there are negatives as well. If you are feeling restless or anxious, or even angry, I

Workout Wednesday: The Exercise Effect

As you sit in your house, fearful of the world around you, maybe today would be a good day for some fresh air. After all, the weather is finally finding spring! Did you know that thirty minutes of cardio a day has a ton of benefits? Benefits like helping with hearth health, reducing stress, giving you a new wave of energy, and increasing productivity. Since many of us, including myself, are working from home now, (and working on keeping our expenses to a minimum) taking a walk around the block and enjoying the weather can improve your focus and increase your motivation. Not only this, studies have shown that exercise can help battle anxiety and depression. Four groups including an antidepres



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