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Therapy Thursday: Why are holidays so stressful?

Around this time of year, our stress is usually at an all time high. Why do we let ourselves get so stressed out, and how can we prevent it? There are many causes for the increase in stress - the weather is changing, family is coming into town, many people have cook and host for family members, accommodate people in our homes, decorate, send holiday cards, buy and wrap gifts and spend time with family members in larger quantities than normal, mourning the loss of those who are no longer here and some people feel pressured to impress their family who are still here. Also, having complicated familial relationships can cause stress as well. Here are some tips to avoid or combat stress and to pr

Workout Wednesday: Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of graceful exercise that is an ancient Chinese tradition that started off as a form of self defense. It is now used for stress relief and pain relief. If you participate Tai Chi regularly and properly, it can help improve overall health. It has been said that Tai Chi can help decrease stress, anxiety and depression and improve one's mood. Practicing this can also help with balance, flexibility, energy and stamina. There is also evidence that Tai Chi may also help enhance the quality of sleep, enhance the immune system, improve joint pain, improve symptoms of congestive heart failure, help lower blood pressure, improve overall health and reduce risk in older adults. In orde

GROG: How has loss forced you to adapt to new roles?

The loss of someone in your life can often leave family dynamics with missing pieces, as well as friendships, work environments, etc. As if experiencing the loss of someone you know is not hard enough - after that person is gone there can be the question of who will take on the responsibilities they once held. This can come in many forms. Some examples of this would be if a family lost their father and it left them in a single parent household with no adult male influence - this could cause a young boy or even a teenager to act as though he is the "man of the house." Another example is if a group of friends loses someone, someone might feel as if they have to take on that person's "role" in

Therapy Thursday: What is one challenge you wish to overcome this weekend?

“Don't live the same day over and over again and call that a life. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.” ― Germany Kent I believe that one should constantly be trying to find ways to evolve themselves - and the way to do that is to experience new things and overcome our fears or reservations. Is there something this weekend or in the next week that you see as a challenge that might be too large for you to face? Well, put yourself to the test, have an open mind, get support from others, come up with a plan and you can persevere. Think of what scares you about the situation, put yourself in the situation and ask "what is the worst that could happen?" and then ask "wh

Workout Wednesday: Chicken Yoga?

Have you ever tried yoga? A lot of people have. But, have you ever tried chicken yoga? Check out this website that gives a good explanation of what chicken yoga is and it's benefits. Exercising outside in the clean, fresh air is something that sounds particularly relaxing. But, doing that and then going to play with chickens sounds like a fun time! Also, the owner of New Leaf Counseling and her family own four chickens! Their names are Cinnamon, Clucky, Penny and Tall Neck. Keep an open mind when it comes to exercise and

Trigger Tuesday: PTSD

In honor of Veteran's Day yesterday, we are going to talk about post-traumatic stress disorder. When we think of PTSD, the most common group of individuals we think of are veterans who served in the military because they are exposed to high levels of trauma on a regular basis. But there are a lot of different experiences that can cause one to have PTSD, including traumatic medical issues and events, domestic or sexual violence and abuse, being in a terrible accident, natural disaster, witnessing one second hand and much more. There are a lot of triggers for PTSD, including internal and external ones. Examples of internal triggers for PTSD can be any of the following - anger, sadness, anxiety

Motivational Monday: Goals

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi Do you feel scared or nervous when someone asks you the question - "Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?" Thinking of the future can bring about a lot of feelings, emotions, fears, excitement, etc. It is easy to think of all the bad things can go wrong in the future, or feel like our life is going nowhere. For others, it can be really easy to envision the life that we want for ourselves. But, if we do not set goals, work to accomplish them and push ourselves to persevere through life, then we will never see the future we want for ourselves. I encourage you to make a list of goals for yourself: short term and long term goa

Feel Good Friday: How do you relax?

With so much going on around us, it can be hard to remember the importance of making time for relaxation. When a client of mine is overwhelmed and stressed, one of the first things we talk about is their self care routine and what they do for themselves. If you really think about it, what was the last thing you did for yourself to just relax? Some examples of what I find to be relaxing is to cuddle up with a book or paint. What do you do to relax and are you having yourself enough time?



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