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GROG: What would you say to your loved one?

"The irony of grief is that the person you need to talk to about how you feel is the person that is no longer here." - Author Unknown Life is so short and we don't always expect to lose our loved ones when we do. There are often many things left unsaid and questions left unanswered when someone dies. How are you supposed to deal with that? There are a few outlets one could use to feel as though they are having a conversation with their loved one: 1. Keep a journal and write down your questions, thoughts, stories, jokes, past times that you don't want to forget and new memories that you had to make without them here. The journal can serve many purposes whether you just write your feelings dow

Therapy Thursday: What is holding you back?

Have you ever considered starting therapy but keep putting it off or are just not sure where to start? How will you know if therapy is even right for you? What if you arrive at your first session and you don't know what to talk about? What if you don't like your therapist or feel like they don't like you? Will it be a waste of time or money? If you know someone who has been in therapy before or even works in that setting for their job - if they are open about their experiences and are comfortable sharing - ask them your questions! You might hear some weird or bad experience - but you will also hear from very uplifting and empowering responses. There are a number of different types of therapy

Workout Wednesday: Relieving Tension & Anger

"Because all things in the body are connected to each other, it is very likely that as you control your breath, you will also cause your heart rate to slow down, and some of your muscular tension to abate too." - American Addictions Center I imagine that you can think of a few instances where you get angry easily, and once we are angry, it is hard to shake or rid of that feeling. Anger typically manifests itself through muscle tension. In order to help with the tense feeling of anger, first try relaxation techniques. One example of this would be to GENTLY roll your head toward one shoulder and then towards the other, and coordinate your head with your breathing. Repeat this technique careful

Trigger Tuesday: Names

Is there a name that every time you hear it, it makes you cringe? Or maybe it brings you back to an emotional time, a missed love one or a traumatic experience. Unfortunately name triggers are one that is hard to avoid. Many people in the world share the same name, and it can be difficult to get our past experiences and feelings to go away once we hear a certain name.. What can we do to work through this thought process? In order to get more comfortable with hearing that specific name - challenge yourself to think of someone else with the same thing that you have a good relationship with or that you can think happy thoughts about. If you don't know anyone with that name - try to find a celeb

Motivational Monday: Calling all procrastinators!

Is there something you have been wanting to start or try for a while and you keep putting it off? Some examples could be getting back to the gym and starting a new routine or even making that first therapy appointment. What is stopping you? We often make excuses and get in our way! This prevents us from making or achieving new goals and trying new things! One day starts today! Make a decision to try something new or take the leap you've been avoiding! If this leap involves starting therapy, please contact New Leaf Counseling today at 331-725-1190!

GROG: Moving On After Loss

After one experiences a loss and they are told to "move on," it seems hurtful and anything but helpful in the healing process. We want to believe that the people telling us that just want what is best for us and for us to be happy, right? I hope that is the case for all of you, but in *some* cases - our pain and suffering makes people feel uncomfortable so they want it to end. It is not your job to ease their discomfort. It is your job to focus on how you feel and what can be done to make this easier on YOU. It can also be difficult to do anything that might feel like you are "moving on" from the relationship you shared with your loved one, for fear that you are betraying them or that you wi

Therapy Thursday: Learn to be the best version of yourself

What 3 things can you do to be the best you can be today? I am choosing to: -Smile at people -Offer my help where it's needed -Say thank you Challenge yourself to make a difference in other's lives by just being you. What are you going to do?

Workout Wednesday: What does exercise do for our stress?

There are many physical and mental benefits to exercising regularly and it can actually decrease your level of stress. When we exercise, our body releases endorphins and these can act as painkillers as well as improve our ability to sleep. Overall, when we get better sleep - this also helps improve our mood and mental health. Studies show that exercise is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration. It is difficult to feel good about ourselves when we are not taking care of our bodies and when we are overly tired and have no physical energy - it is hard to be in a healthy place mentally. What kind of exercise or physical activity do you like to do to relieve str

Trigger Tuesday: What is a trigger?

A trigger is something - that using any of the five senses - can set off a memory and brings you back to a time of trauma. Everyone experiences triggers differently. Whether it happens knowingly or unexpectedly, it is not always something that you can prepare for. The melody of a song or the scent of a cologne can take you back to a time where you suffered immense pain. If a loved one mentions that something is a trigger for them - refrain from doing it around them for sake of their mental health. When you are hit with a painful trigger, it can make you feel like you have taken a step back in the healing process - but that is not true. You are still here, you are still living and the pain yo

Motivational Monday: What gets you going in the morning?

Are you the kind of person that has to has coffee at the start of each day in order to be somewhat approachable and functional? I am! I personally have to have an iced, espresso drink with a little bit of heavy cream before I am ready to face the day. Whether it is coffee or something else, what gets you going in the morning? Happy Monday! (Yeah, I know those words don't usually go together.)

Have you ever experienced the loss of a pet?

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France When you get a pet, they become a part of your family and our love for them grows each time you pet them, play with them, care for them, etc. Taking care of your pet(s) and loving them becomes a part of your daily routine. Many people tend to think of their pet as their best friend and close companion. Losing a loved one is hard, and losing is a pet is a complex kind of grief because we can’t communicate with them before they leave us, or at all. The love we share with our pets is an unspoken kind of love, where you know you love them with all your heart and they know that you are “their human.” Here a



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