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Animals and Our Mental Health

Its been a "National Geographic" week! During the summer, I keep a few goldfish outside in a small pond in our backyard. They are great at keeping the pond water free of insects and mosquito larve. Today I brought the fish inside and introduced them to their new home and new roomate, a snail. This past week at school we have encountered a praying mantis, baby frog and baby snapping turtle, all on the playground. The kids somehow find these tiny creatures nestled in the grass, and are so excited when they do. They want me to take pictures of the animals, hold the animals, save the animals, bring them into the classroom. We talk about the animals, google the animals, and even days later th own private practice, my own business. And I'm gonna "WUPHF" it!

What an exciting summer! Without further adieu, my very own private practice has been born in quaint little downtown Antioch, Illinois. This is a bucket list item people! I am so excited to do so many things in the counseling world, start up some new groups, new ways of helping people, writing. Hearing people's stories. Delving into topics that I think are underrepresented in the social work field; teaching social skills, weaning from technology, women's groups and infertility support. Get ready for a lot of scholarly citing too, I am all about Evidence Based Practice, reading up on new techniques, absorbing the science behind helping people, making sure each client is helped as efficien



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